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About Outdoor Fellow

Outdoor Fellow started as a small hobby. Patrick Jones, the brand's founder, got the idea to start making scented candles because he was stuck in the city wishing he could be out in the woods enjoying the sounds, sights and smells it has to offer.  As a lover of scented candles he figured if he couldn't go to nature then he could at least bring the aroma of nature to him.

He began mixing and matching various essential oils to create beautiful scents that reminded him of different experiences he'd had outdoors.  Sometimes they were blends that reminded him of being by a campfire in the woods, other times it was with friends and family enjoying a delicious cocktail at the beach.

Outdoor Fellow believes in being in nature. It's where many of our favorite memories have been made and where the brand draws inspiration for all of of its scents.  

It's this passion for the outdoors that led us to donate 5% of all proceeds to The Trust For Public Land.  The Trust For Public Land is an organization that fights to keep public lands just that - PUBLIC!  

We hope you enjoy our candles and thank you for your continued support!